Can I Afford New Carpet Installation?

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April 2, 2018
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April 6, 2018
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Installing a new carpet can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. But many homeowners are not aware of what it costs to actually install a new carpet in their home or office. Some people rely on ads that promise FREE installation of any carpeting purchased at their store only to have a rude awakening when they are appraised as to the true cost of the entire project. This is something that anyone who is hoping to upgrade their interior spaces should investigate, but they should also be aware of hidden fees too.

Most residential installations will require from $3 to $6 per yard strictly for labor. Additional costs tend to include:

  • Fees for moving and returning furnishings which might add up to a certain amount per square yard.
  • Extra charges for removing and discarding pre-existing carpeting.
  • Fees assigned to the installation of “Berber” rugs.
  • Cutting charges issued when a room is not an uninterrupted rectangle or square.

When looking to install a new carpet, it is wise to take into account the above factors and come to terms with every price point we have identified.


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