Luxury Vinyl

Advances in resilient flooring have made amazing progress. Today’s products offer vast varieties of looks in colors and sizes. Styles range from square tile visuals to replicas of hand-sculpted wood planks. These new generation surfaces are quiet, comfortable, beautiful and very low maintenance. Urethane coatings also make today’s floors extremely resistant to scuffs and stains and much more durable under heavy traffic conditions. From the basics to custom patterns and medallions, vinyl offers many choices.

• LVT tiles and planks are very easy to replace if a piece ever should be badly damaged and spare pieces can be stored easily • GREEN: Many products contain either pre- or post-consumer recycled material. Many products can be recycled and therefore diverted from landfills. Most products are very low in VOC’s and may contain anti-microbial elements. Most products conform to Indoor Air Quality standards. Many lines can contribute toward LEED points. • Vinyl is probably the easiest floor surface to maintain. Sweep, dust-mop or vacuum to remove grit. Damp-mop regularly and you are done • The textures and beauty of tiles and woods are very realistic with lower costs and maintenance

Luxury Vinyl

• Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is vastly improved from older products with the use of advancements in photography and manufacturing • Extremely moisture resistant and can be installed over different sub-floors and at all grade levels • Resilient is very quiet and very comfortable. There is no hollow sound or noise as with other hard-surface floors. Standing for extended periods as while cooking or entertaining does not cause strain on joints, knees, feet or the lower back as can happen with tile/stone.

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