Refinishing Wood Floors


This floor is possibly the most worthwhile and most commonly restored surface. Solid (3/4”) wood floors can be repaired and refinished after almost any calamity. Termite damage, foundation repairs and water spots/stains can be successfully fixed depending on the extent of the involved areas. Wood that has been covered by carpet and pad can be made to look brand new by sanding and refinishing. Even if the floors are in good condition and you have simply gotten tired of the color and want a change of décor, most wood can be restained for an updated look. Engineered wood can also be refurbished depending on the thickness of the top veneer layer. It can also be repaired if you have extra materials stored from your original installation or a matching wood is available. After many years, both solid and engineered woods may start to loose some of their protective finish and shine. Recoating of the floors will restore that protective surface and add many more years of enjoyment of the investment you have made in wood flooring. Floors that have the traditional paste wax finish can also be re-waxed and buffed to bring back their lovely soft luster. Unless a wood floor has suffered severe water damage and has buckled (released from the sub-floor), even cupping may be corrected with the proper procedures. In short, the natural beauty of wood floors can last more than a lifetime with good care and protection provided by yourself and Floor Décor.